Tips for young Real Estate Investors

Millennials are predicted to make up for a large proportion of home buyers. With information and technology at the forefront, GenZ will have a lucrative impact on the real estate industry. Over the years people are made to believe that investment in Real Estate is a challenging investment especially for the millennial group due to lack of resource and credibility. […]

How to handle challenging situations with your tenants

Renting out your house includes a lot work; yearly maintenance, property management, paper work and most importantly dealing with tenants. Unquestionably, you are sure to involve yourself with a difficult tenant at least once in your life. So, here are some tips that will help you get through these challenging times. 1. Contract means everything Compose a strong legally binding […]

Smart Home Devices

In the golden era of technology, we have taken advantage of the internet in all sectors of the world. Cars, schools, hospitals, banks, hotels and homes; everything can be now functioned with just a simple tap. On that note, here is an article that focuses on the advantages of a smart home and its proven efficiency with security, convenience and […]

Pet friendly areas in Dubai

If you are looking to relocate with your furry little friend then here are some pet friendly areas in Dubai. Animals require open space and recreational grounds as their habitat. Over the years Dubai too is embarking on this journey to make it a city that is pet friendly. Keeping this in mind here are a few areas that would […]

Vaccine update: AstraZeneca the newly approved UAE vaccine

In light with the current vaccination drive held by Dubai, the DHA has newly introduced the AstraZeneca vaccine rounding the total to three vaccines available in the country. This Swedish-Oxford vaccine produced by the AstraZeneca Company in cooperation with Oxford University is being manufactured in India. They recently delivered their first batch to the Dubai Media Office on 1nd February […]