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Why does UK consider UAE as the real estate Hub?

Why does UK consider UAE as the real estate Hub?

UAE is top choice for expats and with its upscale lifestyle who wouldn’t want to live here? A country that evolves every day in terms of infrastructure, technology, science and education is proving tremendously to be an ideal place to live.


In retrospect, Dubai and London have a lot of similarities when compared by lifestyle. Both these cities are known for their multi-cultural diversity amongst their people. According to the insider there are over 100,000 British expats currently living in Dubai which has sequentially led to an increase in the brands and restaurants that are British approved.

The geographical distance between the two cities is close as well, with a travel difference of about 5 hours. With Dubai’s perfect weather and skyscraper buildings, there is nothing more the British love more. Both cities also own the most expensive shopping malls in the world. Harrods and Dubai Mall are equally loved by the people as they enjoy the plush and luxurious lifestyle.

These two cities are also known for their exciting nightlife. Dubai has many clubs and bars that match to the European lifestyle. Moreover, there are many celebrities from all over the world vacationing in both these happening cities.

And of course, inspired by the London Eye, Dubai too has created the ‘Dubai Eye’ ferris wheel which only goes to show how homely Dubai can feel to the Londoners. But these are just a few reasons as to why the Brits love Dubai.

Dubai’s Real Estate Market

The real estate market in the country offers a sweet deal that lures the people in. The most attractive feature for Dubai’s real estate is its high rental yield. Affordability within Dubai compared to similar global cities is excellent and it should be noted that the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index marked Dubai as “fair valued” compared to cities like New York, London and Paris. And lastly the absence of property tax and stamp duties makes Dubai a very attractive place to invest in.

As stated by PC Menon, the CEO of Sobha realty, Dubai offers exciting investment opportunities making it a desirable place for expats to invest in. It also offers an aspirational lifestyle and everyone wants in.

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