Vaccine update: AstraZeneca the newly approved UAE vaccine

Vaccine update: AstraZeneca the newly approved UAE vaccine

In light with the current vaccination drive held by Dubai, the DHA has newly introduced the AstraZeneca vaccine rounding the total to three vaccines available in the country. This Swedish-Oxford vaccine produced by the AstraZeneca Company in cooperation with Oxford University is being manufactured in India. They recently delivered their first batch to the Dubai Media Office on 1nd February 2021. As confirmed by Gulf News the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 is made from an Andenovirus; a virus used to trigger common cold in chimpanzees which is now altered to avoid causing infection. In simpler terms, this vaccine produces antibodies to fight against the virus.

About AstraZeneca

Similar to Pfizer and Sinopharm, this vaccine is required to be taken in two doses with 28 days apart. Clinical analysts have reported that the vaccine is 62% effective amongst all ages while some reports prove its efficiency to be around 70%. The new vaccine is yet another sign to showcase the UAE-India partnership in combating this global pandemic.

Unlike the other vaccines, the AstraZeneca is created with a double-stranded DNA which does not require to be frozen and can be used outside hospital settings.


AstraZeneca is available to all Emiratis between the ages of 16-80, people with determination and those with chronic diseases provided they own a resident visa. In order to receive the vaccines, individuals need to book an appointment with the DHA (800-342). Apart from these specific individuals, the vaccine is also available for all front-line workers from both the private and public sector in accordance with the department and institution they work for. Currently, all shots will only be given at one central location sited at the Dubai World Trade Center.

According to the National the vaccine drive launched by the DHA in December 2020 has forced to reduce the usage of Pzifer due to local and global shortages. However, the new vaccine has once again helped curb the spread of coronavirus and the DHA is in the process to set up more centers in the coming weeks to accommodate the growing demand for vaccination.


Vaccinations are just a precautionary measure advised by the government, but with the new rules set in place this month, it is safe to say that number of cases have increased due to poor social distancing. It is a global duty for every citizen to help and protect the others from the rise of this virus and curb it by maintaining social distance and following all the rules issued by the government.

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