Upgrade your home with these simple DIY tips

Upgrade your home with these simple DIY tips

Upgrade your home with these simple DIY tips

Now that you have invested in your dream house, it’s time to make it look dreamy. If you are someone interested in simple DIY hacks for home improvement, then this article is just for you.

The only thing required from turning a house to a home is a little bit of love and effort that you can put into interior designing. So here are 6 DIY home improvement ideas to help you upgrade your home without the help of a contractor.

  • Yellow lights

Lighting is the main feature in any house, and with the right light you can change the ambience of your house. Look out for yellow lights to add a calming vibe to the room and make sure to purchase the LED ones for their long lasting use. Another tip that would help improve your lighting is to add dimmers. Dimmers can replace light switches and increase the brightness according to the day or your mood.

  • Invest in a smart house

With today’s technology, you can do anything. From lights, TV, programmable thermostats to camera operated doorbells smart home features are steadily increasing. Invest in a smart house and improve the efficiency in terms of energy and design. To know more about smart house designs contact Coldwell Banker, as we have agents who are smart home certified who will educate you on the benefits of investing in a smart house.

  • Add some shelves

To make your house look more finished, add some shelves. Floating shelves help cover up any empty spaces on the wall and give you more storage space. Take some time to add things to these shelves and try a contrasting look with items that are both big and small.  

  • Fresh coat of paint

The most obvious way to change the look and feel of your house is to change the color of your walls. House colors denote the personality of the home maker and hence depends upon what color you would like to use. Currently the colors that trend the most are cream, brown, shades of grey and pastel pink. Arguably these colors paint the house with modernity and a chic vibe.

  • Décor for your furry little friend

For all you animal lovers, designate an area specifically for your loved one. Add pet décor like beds, trapeze, fountain to brighten up the area for your little furry friend to enjoy.

  • Organize your closets

A budget friendly option to organize your room. Clean out the whole closets and remove all unnecessary items that could term you as a hoarder. Invest in cheap dividers or boxes which will help you keep your closet clean and organized.

We hope that these small yet effective steps will help you in improving the design of your home. Subscribe and stay tuned for more articles dedicated for home improvements.

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